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Mobile aluminum platform for helicopter maintenance

Mobile aluminum platform for helicopter maintenance

Project description

Custom designed aluminum platform to perform maintenance operations on the front of the EUROCOPTER helicopter.


  • Wheels with brake lever.
  • Equipped with panel for electrical connection and compressed air.
  • Folding platforms to place documentation.
  • Security railings throughout the area with risk of falling.
  • Protective rubber profile at all points that can touched by the helicopter.
  • The platform adapts to the cabin environment to offer work surface on 3 sides.

Client needs

  1. The platform must take up little space, and it needs to be used in 2 parts. It is made of two symmetrical parts with connecting elements for coupling.
  2. Easy to use. Rotating wheels are incorporated in its feet that allow proper movement and a correct approach to the helicopter.
  3. Certification of an external audit, as the platforms have incorporated electrical panel and compressed air.
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