Ladders, Work Platforms and Scaffolding

Steps with mobile aluminium platforms for access to AIRBUS 320 holds

  • Airbus A320 maintenance and access platform
  • Airbus A320 maintenance and access platform

Project description

Aluminium steps with access platforms for AIRBUS 320 holds in IBERIA maintenance hangars.


  • Platform height of 3 metres.
  • Fitted with double railings.
  • Double stabiliser.
  • Wide platform to cover all access areas.
  • Any parts that may touch the plane are protected with rubber profiles to avoid damage.

Client needs

  1. Operability. fitted with 4 wheels and and double stabilizer to fulfil rollover coefficients without need for counterweights. This solution is possible as there are no obstacles on the lower part of the plane, so allowing maximum proximity for the steps.
  2. High durability. The intense use se of this product in the aeronautics se sector means that elements of a higher standard than those normally used are required, whereby, although this is not a project affected by EN regulation 14122 for equipment safety, its precepts have been applied, using superior resistance profiles for steps and railings.
  3. Iberia SH406 regulation. Iberia possesses an operation and design manual that exceeds current regulations. ESLA in its design phase, including product regulation to comply with specific client requirements.
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