Ladders, Work Platforms and Scaffolding

Ladders and platforms for the industry sector

Reference projects for industry

Aluminum triple wheel platform

Aluminum platform with triple wheel

Designed to ensure a good displacement separating guides and interlocks on the ground. Perimeter railing on the detachable platform by…
Fixed platform with vertical access

Fixed platform with vertical access

Platform area 1830 x 2995 mm. Height 1119 mm. The surface of the platform is made of wood. Railing with…
Fixed aluminum platform with double access

Double access aluminum fixed platform

Used to overcome a conveyor line. 45° access stairs in order to go up and down frontwards. Guard rails on…
Aluminum mobile platform with two levels

Aluminum mobile platform with double rise

Double platform to work at two different heights. Stair sections have a good ergonomics with 45 ° tilt. 4 wheels…
Fixed aluminum walkway for industrial installation

Fixed aluminum gangway for industrial installation

Guardrails around the perimeter. Stairs to access from different areas.
Extensible mobile aluminum platform

Extendable aluminum mobile platform for areas with limited space

The stretch can reach from 2 to 3 meters by operating a rack with crank system. Specially designed to pass…
Mobile aluminum platform for work in fuel tanks

Mobile aluminum platform for work in diesel tanks

Wide fully protected work platform with guardrails. Vertical access ladder with backrest and automatic door. 4 swiveling wheel
Mobile aluminium platform set

Mobile aluminium platform set

4 rotary wheels. 45° Access ladder fitted with double rise. Wide working platform to cover 3.25 x 1.60 m surface.…
Extendible alumunium platform for lorry/van roofs

Extendible alumunium platform used for work on lorry/van roofs

Equipped with 4 rotary wheels for facile mobility-elevation system with rack activated by a crank which permits the user to…
Cantilevered aluminum mobile platform

Mobile aluminium platform with cantilever

Project description Aluminium platform for lorry maintenance. Details Special cantiliver of 1,300 mm. 45° tilt. Handrails for security. Painted iron…
Fixed adjustable platform

Adjustable platform

Project description Adjustable fixed platform with aluminium steps and iron structure. Details 200 mm adjustable with double foot leveler. Large…
Fixed iron platform coated with zinc

Fixed iron platform

Project description Iron platform coated with zinc in order to protect against oxidation. Details Anti-slip tramex steps. Inclination 30°. Four…
Mobile aluminum platform with double lateral access. Overview

ITER maintenance aluminum bridge platform to produce nuclear fusion power

Project description Mobile aluminium platform with lateral access from both sides. Details Equipped with 4 sets of stabilisers. Hook system…
Mobile aluminium platform with cantilever and folding rails

Mobile aluminium platform with cantilever and folding rails

Project description Mobile aluminium platform for ITER (nuclear fusion energy production) maintenance. Details Front and side cantilever. Front folding rails…
Made-to-order aluminum platform for the manufacturing of wind turbines for General Electric USA

Custom designed aluminum platforms for manufacturing wind turbines

Project description Special mobile aluminum platforms for mounting of wind turbines in Chicago, USA Details 2.000 length platforms with perpendicular access in…
special platform aluminium maintenance logistic center

Aluminium platform for maintenance of logistics centre

Project description Fixed, aluminium special working platform for maintenance, of SPLITTER box stacker maintenance in logistics centre. Built in U, surrounding…
Special Plataform aluminium securuty logistic center

Aluminium platform for transport line maintenance

Project description Special work, mobile, aluminium bridge platform for the maintenance of the logistics centre Inditex transport line. In accordance…
Platform folding port terminal

Installation of foldable aluminium platform at port terminals for box trucks

Project description Design, manufacturing, regularisation and installation of 8 special work platforms in aluminium for port terminals used for fuel…
Aluminum ladder to work on top of tank trucks

Aluminium ladder for working on the top of tank trucks

Project description Moving and extendible aluminium access ladder for the maintenance of loading tankers at Dow Chemical. Details Equipped with…
Aluminium platform with side access ladder

Joint aluminium platform with access ladder

Project description Aluminium platform with side access ladder. Details Swinging access door for entry and exit. Levelling feet. 2,800 x…
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