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Aluminium ladder for working on the top of tank trucks

Aluminum ladder to work on top of tank trucks

Project description

Moving and extendible aluminium access ladder for the maintenance of loading tankers at Dow Chemical.


  • Equipped with wheels for movement.
  • Regulating feet to situate it in the place of work.
  • Elevation through a manual zip system.
  • Set of upper handrails.
  • Incorporated counterweights to maintain the overturning conditions, as at its greatest height the ladder works in overhang.
  • Minimum step 150 mm.

Client needs

  1. Height regulation of 1.5 m due the various measurements of tankers. We incorporate the manual zip system.
  2. Work safety, guaranteed by the set of upper handrails.
  3. Moveable. Lower frame with 4 wheels, 2 fixed and 2 mobile.
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