Ladders, Work Platforms and Scaffolding

Aluminium platform for transport line maintenance

  • Special Plataform aluminium securuty logistic center
  • Platform center logístic
  • Vertical bridge lighting maintenance Inditex

Project description

Special work, mobile, aluminium bridge platform for the maintenance of the logistics centre Inditex transport line. In accordance with Regulation EN 14122.

  • Manteinance platform for vertical bridge Inditex
  • Manteinance platform for vertical bridge Inditex
  • Vertical bridge lighting maintenance Inditex


  • A three-section folding stairway made for positioning the individual life line.
  • Compact wheels with levelling wheels.
  • Plywood platform with handrails and safety gates around the perimeter.

Client needs

  1. The platform must be functional in order to operate throughout the 100 metres + of the entire distribution line. It is therefore guided by special wheels.
  2. Adaptation to the difficulties of the work space. A special bridge design has been made for correct operation. In this case, due to the specific geometry of the place, the structure is welded in order to obtain the rigidity required in the design.
  3. Compatible with safety equipment. This third component means that the platform must be designed taking into account the existing horizontal and vertical life lines.
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