Ladders, Work Platforms and Scaffolding

Installation of foldable aluminium platform at port terminals for box trucks

  • Platform folding port terminal
  • Aluiminium platform deployed port terminals

Project description

Design, manufacturing, regularisation and installation of 8 special work platforms in aluminium for port terminals used for fuel storage for box trucks in the Port of Valencia. In accordance with EN 14122.

  • Aluiminium platform for port terminals. Unfolded
  • Aluiminium platform for port terminals. Folded


  • System that allows the folding of the platform using cylinders.
  • Railing set ensures full security in the work area.
  • The platform is built with Tramex steps to avoid standing water that could cause slipping, because as, the photographs show they are outside.

Client needs

  1. The client requires a turnkey installation, i.e. from design to assembly and installation.
  2. The functionality of folding and unfolding the platform is important. Cylinders therefore accompany movement. In addition the rail is kept compact, except the part that connects the structure to the entire set in order not to delay the operation and provide greater solidity.
  3. Safety in work execution. The operator works while remaining totally protected by the rail when on the roof of the truck, and on the platform access.
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