Ladders, Work Platforms and Scaffolding

Ladders and platforms for machine manufacturers

Reference projects for machinery manufacturers

Fixed platform for machine access

Fixed platform for access to machine

Fiber tramex Surface. Tightened to the work area with cantilever. Wide work platform with railings.
Fixed aluminum platforms with double floor

Fixed aluminum platforms with double floor for machine access

Double access ladder. Landing platform.
Aluminum gangway to be fixed to a machine

Aluminum gangway to be fixed to machine

Compliant with regulation 14122. Guard rails.
Tank access ladder

Modular system of vertical ladders with rings for silo access

Project description Development of a modular system of vertical ladders in aluminium with rings for the manufacture of silos, tanks…
Aluminum gateway for machine maintenance

Aluminium gangway with platforms and access ladders to machine

Project description Aluminium gangway with access ladders and rails for machine maintenance. Details Modular railings around the entire external perimeter…
Fixed vertical ladders for presses

Press access ladder with platform

Project description Standardisation of a range of fixed aluminium ladders for manufacturers of hydraulic presses in order to carry out maintenance tasks.…
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