Ladders, Work Platforms and Scaffolding

Aluminium gangway with platforms and access ladders to machine

Aluminum gateway for machine maintenance
Project description

Aluminium gangway with access ladders and rails for machine maintenance.


  • Aluminum gangway for machine access
  • Access ladder to gangway platforms
  • Modular railings around the entire external perimeter in order to prevent falling risks.
  • Mobile access stepss for maintenance. Fitted with double railing, 4 wheels with stabilisers and front safety chains.
  • Special stool for control panel access.
  • 60º fixed stepss for access to the machine compartment, with double landing and right turn.
  • Vertical ladder with protection rings for back protection for access to the upper part of the machine.
  • Staircase to gangway
  • Mobile access to gateway with aluminium platforms
  • Vertical aluminum access for gangway platforms

Client needs

  1. Standardisation. We aim to cater for specific client needs, transforming their special requirements into a standard, indexed production model.
  2. Price. The product becomes a consumable for each client and therefore forms part of his direct cost structure. We analyse all the possibilities together in order to offer a competitive price.
  3. Service. The product is indexed and clients can plan purchasing payments in the terms agreed.
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