Ladders, Work Platforms and Scaffolding

Mobile aluminium platform for the Barcelona TRAM BAIX

Tramway access platform

Project description

Bespoke aluminium mobile platform for maintenance work on the Barcelona TRAM BAIX tram.


  • Rails with safety baseboard.
  • Door for access from the fixed structural platform access to the mobile unit.
  • Fitted with rubber protection profiles to avoid damage to front window.
  • The platform floor is made from embossed aluminium sheet.
  • Special wheels for moving on the rails.

Client needs

  1. Perfect adaptation to the front contours of the train, ensuring that the entire working surface has no risks from gaps or spaces. The design is undertaken on the client’s premises using a template to register measurements. Rubber is used on the frame length for maximum close-fitting and to ensure minimum glass damage from knocks.
  2. The platform must move easily, so that, apart from the wheels that belong to the structure,four more special wheels are fitted to ensure for proper movement guided by the rails and improved stability.
  3. Safe access and working conditions. Platform access is undertaken from other permanent platforms on the installation. Safety rails are fitted around the perimeter to prevent falls, while the entry door closes automatically.
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